In June of 2016, Mr. Steven J. Muehler reached a settlement with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission in regards to alleged violations of 15(b) and 21C of the Securities Act of 1934. 

The violations stemmed from Mr. Muehler's involvement with the "ALTERNATIVE SECURITIES MARKET EXCHANGE" (also known as THE ASMX). Though Mr. Steven J. Muehler did agree that there were violations of the Securities Act of 1934, it is important for all members of the general public to know that NOT A SINGLE INVESTOR was involved in the proceeding, and there was absolutely no loss of any investment capital from any investor.

The violations occurred when Alternative Securities Markets Exchange engaged in alleged "Broker Dealer Services" with entrepreneurs, which included upfront payments for services to be rendered by Alternative Securities Market Exchange, which amounted to the filing of a Form 1-A with the SEC and listing on the ASMX (though the firm was pending a properly filed Broker Dealer Application with FINRA). 


Because issuers of securities had engaged Alternative Securities Markets Exchange (and partially paid for the services through upfront fees), and those companies had details about a forthcoming public offering of securities (though no securities were ever offered to be sold, or ever sold, nor was their an ability for an investor to invest in securities if they wanted to) published on a public website, Muehler and the companies had engaged in a "public offering of securities" as defined under the Securities Act of 1934. 

As part of the settlement with the SEC, and to allow the ASMX to live on, Mr. Steven J. Muehler agreed to a full reimbursement of all upfront fees to all entrepreneurs who paid for services, and a small penalty. As part of this settlement, Mr. Muehler has agreed to not directly participate in Penny Stock Offerings and not engage in Broker Dealer activities. 

It is important to again point out that to date, there has been zero loss of any investment capital, and that Muehler does not participate in any Offering of any Securities. 


None of Steve Muehler's involvement in any of the following companies involves his participation (direct or indirect) in the soliciation of a sale of securities, the offer to sell securities, or the sale of securities. 

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