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A one-time "Investment Banking Industry Bad Boy" turned corporate fraud and alternative investment compliance consultant, Mr. Muehler is a true pioneer in the venture capital and private equity investments industry. Mr. Muehler has more than fifteen years experience in the Investment Banking and Corporate Finance industry, holding senior financial management and business development positions in both regional banks and international finance companies. Mr. Muehler has extensive experience in structuring business plans, private and public securities offerings, and fund raising efforts for nanocap and microcap companies (both private and public). His areas of expertise are in Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development, Energy, BioFuels, Mining & Mineral Rights, Oil & Natural Gas, Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals and New Technology.

Prior to a fifteen year career in the Investment Banking and Venture Capital Markets, Mr. Muehler served four years in the United States Marine Corps (1995 to 1999) before attending college in South Carolina.

After college, Mr. Muehler held positions in the Finance Departments of two community Banks in the Greater Minneapolis - St. Paul area (Minnesota) where he was a sales team leader in the Real Estate Lending departments. Mr. Muehler also worked for WCI Communities in Bonita Springs, Florida for approximately two years where he was a member of the Company's Financial Resources Division, and Allied Capital Corporation where he was the head of residential lending operations for one of the Firm’s Minneapolis, Minnesota Branches.


From 2012 to 2015, Mr. Muehler was the founder and operator of the Alternative Securities Markets in Los Angeles, California. It was with this company that Mr. Muehler worked extensively with multinational finance and investment firms in syndicating fund raising and has guided dozens of companies in the capital formation process. Mr. Muehler has also served  as a business consultant to a variety of mid-market companies providing strategic and financial modeling, business development training, and management assessment.

In 2017, after fifteen years of the highs-and-lows of the Investment banking industry, and dealing with years of unrealistic regulations at the Federal Level, Mr. Muehler (along with a handful of private investors) exited the investment banking industry to pursue private ventures, like those listed to the left. 

From 2017 to 2019 Steve Muehler was an Alternative Investments Advisor to select Family Offices, Broker Dealers and other institutional investors (domestic and international).

Steve Muehler in early 2020, expanding on his private practice operations of 2017 to 2019, opened STEVE MUEHLER GLOBAL CAPITAL MARKETS. 

Pursuant to a settlement agreement with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Mr. Muehler does not participate in Public Securities Offerings and does not engage in Broker Dealer Activities. For more information, click here.